Google Suggest & Youtube Suggest Keyword Tool

This tool is based on Google Suggest SERP data. You can set view mode (linear, table, tree), scan mode (loop, alfanum, alfanuminvert, correlate) or Google domain (.com, .it, .de) and language (en, it, de). Finally you can set depth of scan on suggest db. If you like this tool please share it using #SuggestMrx hashtag.

Search Setting

What is SuggestMrx?

SuggestMrx is a tool that extracts the keyword suggestions from the main search engines (Google, Youtube, Amazon, ...) and it displays them. The value proposition of SuggestMrx is that it mainly analyzes the query inserted by the user, but it can analyze recursively the resulted queries. It can also analyze the queries, appending or prepeding alfanumerical chars or question words.

Why to use SuggestMrx?

It's a free tool, it isn't blocked by the source search engines, it's fast, it hasn't design frill 'cause it's designed for technical users (SEOs, SEAs, copywriters, ...). The results may exported with one click and user can customize the visual result format selecting from 3 mode: tree, linear and csv.

SuggestMrx queries Google Suggest and it allow the user to select the Google domain (.com, .it, ...) and the language too.

Where to use SuggestMrx?

Here... and it's completely free!

What does SuggestMrx return?

It returns the best long tail keyword you can image: but the important thing is that you set the right options.

When to use SuggestMrx?

I (Merlinox) suggest to use SuggestMrx:

  • when you need to extend a keyword analysis
  • when you need to analyze the context of an argument (query)
  • when you need to study the user search intent
  • when you need to write a long pillar article
  • when you need to see what women search about men...

How to use SuggestMrx?

  1. Start with the right query
  2. Set the target search engine e the target languages
  3. Use mainly Alfanum mode for depth analysis
  4. Use mainly Question mode for intent analysis (pay attention: Question Full maybe slow 'cause analyze thousands keyword)